Quality Assurance

What we stand for.

Quality is one of our main priorities here at One for Wheels. When working with us, you will quickly learn that quality is what separates us from our competitors. We will strive to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations and provide on-time delivery of defect-free precision castor wheels.

In principle, all our wheels meet the PAH’s standard as determined by the European Union. For that reason, they are safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

This is on top of the RoH’s guidelines (recyclable). In terms of quality control, to assure the quality of our wheels in usage, we ensure the following Quality Control measurements:


Our quality control is based on ISO9001:2008. Next to this we work with the EN1004 certification for our scaffolding castors.


All our wheels are tested according to the European standard for speedtest; trundle3.0km/h, cart wheel 4.0km/h


Turning function test: Firstly the castor is fixed on the fork of the equipment, shift the starting angle of the wheel upright to the equipment fork and load the maximum capacity. Then turn the castor direction to inspect the turning tendency.


Single wheel rolling test: We fix the wheel in the horizontal test board and load the maximum capacity. After that we tie the wheel with horizontal line, add the wight through the pulley. Calculate the weight when the wheel rolls at a distance of 1⁄2.


Life circle running test: under the maximum capacity the caster runs at a certain speed on the stee board. This to check the wheel rolling as well as noise and the tire distortion.


Anti corrupting test, drop test, impact test, material hardness test, brake life test, etc.

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