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A wheel is usually just a small part of a product. However, it can have a huge effect on how people perceive the quality of your product. A wheel that doesn’t roll well, has a serious negative effect on the customer experience. From this vision, we believe in high quality products. That keeps you worry free.


We have more than 1,000 different standard wheels in stock! To give you a glimpse of our standard range of wheels, please find some examples below.

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One of our signature wheels; the all black RP-Z Line. This completely black wheel has a beautiful design and is affordable, the wheels can also be used inside (PAH’s rubber) as well as outside and are therefore suitable for (garden) furniture or as BBQ wheels. This rubber castor is available with and without top plate.


In the same segment we have the GR-Z line. This black/gray castor has a very elastic rubber tire (65° Shore A), which means this castor has excellent properties, such as a very low threshold resistance and ensures a very good damping of sound.

Especially for applications where your valuable equipment has to be transported, such as in flight case applications. This castor is non- marking and therefore leaves no marks.

Retro wiel


A product that come from our own R&D team and therefore exclusively available at One For Wheels; the Vintage Retro Design wheel. Due to a special treatment this new wheels gets the looks of a vintage wheel. This wheel is widely used for interior design or for typical French antique furniture. Available in different configurations and sizes.


Another one of our high selling, classic wheels; the RS Line. This NON smelling (PAHs) rubber wheel has a steel boxy and therefore has a high load capacity. Rubber wheels are by far the most economical solution and have good rolling properties on less flat surfaces with possible thresholds (85° Shore A). The wheels are normally wear- resistant, suitable for temperatures from -20°C to +80°C.


One of the classics: The Institutional Castor. Can be used inside as well as outside. The tire of this wheel is made of TPR thermoplastic rubber and the wheel body of polypropylene.

The device wheels are equipped with protective caps, which prevents the absorption of wire and hair as much as possible. And because the wheels are fitted with a ball bearing, they have excellent rolling properties. The hardness of the wheel is medium hard (85° Shore A). This wheel does not leave any marks on the ground.



Also in scaffolding equipment we have a very large assortment. For example this Scaffolding wheel with spindle. All made of galvanised steel. We can provide the wheels in various colours, matching your professional company colours.



We are also here for the heavy tasks! With this heavy duty castor of 125mm you can take on loads up to 500kg per wheel! And the 250mm can take up to 800kg per wheel! The tire is made of PU and the wheel body of aluminium. Therefore these heavy duty wheels are well suited to transport extra heavy transports or to carry loads over uneven surfaces or for outdoor applications. These PU wheels offer some damping and show no flattening under long-term load.


Used a lot within the food industry and outdoor; Our stainless Steel Castors. The tire of these stainless steel wheels is made of elastic natural rubber and therefore have very good rolling properties, which makes it easy to overcome thresholds. The wheels leaves no marks. These stainless steel swivel castors have a sliding bearing and are therefore easy and very thorough to clean.



The Double wheel! For extra load capacity. For example the 50mm wheel; in one wheel configuration carries about 40kg, but with this double wheel configuration can carry up to 90kg! This wheel is made of soft TPR and does not leave marks on the floor.

If you have furniture that you would like to put on small strong wheels, these wheels are particularly suitable for it. Also for outside in the garden, for example the parasol, planters, garden table or other garden furniture.



One of our specials! The Sea Container wheel. Can carry a load up to 7000 kgs each wheel! What is very unique about this wheel is that you can use the pin to turn a fixed wheel into a swivelling wheel. That makes this wheel really multifunctional. Additionally, the wheel and can be directly connected to the twist lock of the sea container, which make it easy to use for several containers without big investments for each container to buy a set.

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