About us


Our company was founded in 2006 by Jan Veen & Marga Spiering. Already from an early age Jan entered into the caster business where he worked for various leading manufacturers and resellers. His service driven mindset ultimately make him decide to start his own business. Starting in the scaffolding castor business, becoming market leader in the Benelux in a very short time frame, and decide to expand to a very wide range of castors. During those years we have moved our warehouse various times to keep up with the growth. 


The future.

Key to our success was the early integration of e-commerce into our business model. This helps to keep costs low and offer our customers the best prices. We deliver our products worldwide and currently have 8 e-commerce stores in 8 different countries within Europe, available in multiple languages.

The new generation has taken over from Jan since 2021, but in the background he will still remain as an important advisor for the current team.


Founded in 2006

Start selling scaffolding castors

With already a good network within the scaffolding industry, One for Wheels was founded and got off to a quick start. Initially, sales were mainly directed to professionals in scaffolding in the traditional way. The range has grown steadily over the years.


Launch webshop

In the early years of the company, a new way of selling was introduced into the business; E-commerce. At the time, it started as a small sales channel, but a very interesting platform due to its reach. So that's why the first webshop wielenoutlet.nl was opened. The website soon became known in the market as supplier of high-quality wheels for a very competitive price.


New warehouse

With the growth in turnover, there was also a need for a new warehouse. In 2012 a new building of over 500 m2 was purchased, which provided much more room for growth. That year, sales nearly doubled, so the team expanded too. This provided the foundation for growth in the following years.


Growth assortment

With the extra space created, more customers could be served. This also led to a significant expansion of the range. Now with +400 different wheels in stock, we have grown into one of the leading online wheel specialists in the Netherlands. So in the background plans were made to make the E-commerce platform scalable for new countries.


Launch Germany

The first steps across the border were in Germany. In addition to a German store (Lenkrollenshop.de), the account management and customer service team were also expanded with German-speaking wheel specialists. The store was an immediate success, as the specialism and ease that One for Wheels brought to the market with their e-commerce platform was very well received by our German clients.


Opening 6 new shops

Due to the success formula in Germany and the potential in other countries, 6 new stores were opened; France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. This immediately made One for Wheels a pan-European wheel specialist. The fulfilment still took place from Etten-Leur, but the warehouse would soon be too small. That is why 2 new warehouses were rented (+1,000m2) to accommodate the strong growth of the company.


New Generation

Now that the business has evolved and E-commerce is in the company's root, Jan and Marga decided to hand over the business to a newer generation of entrepreneurs. The company is now ready for the next step into the future...

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